Some drivers critical of NASCAR for rain

Some racers criticised NASCAR for failing to issue a rain-related caution.

Denny Hamlin was one of many who chastised NASCAR for failing to issue a rain caution prior to multiple vehicles losing control and colliding on Sunday at Daytona International Speedway.

When the field fell through Turn 1 and collided with one another, the race was stopped after 139 of the scheduled 160 laps.

On that lap, according to Hamlin, the front stretch was wet. Another witness to the incident, Justin Haley, stated that the caution ought to have been issued sooner.

Kyle Busch said he didn't see any rain on the prior lap when speaking with Parker Kligerman.

According to Todd Gilliland, the track conditions appeared good until they suddenly disappeared. Obviously, I was near the rear of the group.

My jaw literally hurts," Hamlin added. "Every part of my body hurts," The speaker said, "I feel like my jaw was a boxer who had his entire face smashed.

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