PGA Tour has filed a counterclaim against the LIV Golf league that is backed by Saudi Arabia.

Saying that the PGA Tour could not enforce contracts to get top players to break them.

The PGA Tour's response to the updated antitrust case, which named LIV Golf as a plaintiff and was filed in federal court in northern California, included a counterclaim.

Phil Mickelson is one of the eight of the 11 players that sued the PGA Tour and requested to be dismissed from the case.

With LIV Golf now suing the circuit, according to Mickelson, his cooperation was no longer required.

The tour asserts that LIV Golf, among other things, paid signing fees estimated to be in the neighbourhood of $150 million,

Lied to players in order to get them to violate their contracts with the tour.

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In its lawsuit, LIV Golf alleged that the PGA Tour had unfairly suspended players and utilised its monopoly position to try to stifle competition.

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