NFL World Responds To Odell's Remark About Baker Mayfield

A lot was said about Odell Beckham's fellowship with previous QB Baker Mayfield after he left Cleveland.

Certain individuals speculated that Beckham and Mayfield's association wasn't awesome, which added to the wide recipient's disappointing presentation in Cleveland.

Beckham doesn't appear to hold onto any enmity for his previous QB, all things considered. A lot was made of the connection among Baker and Odell.

"All around good, Browns allies. Since "no one cherished him" and "he was the issue," I'd need to see you all make sense of this, hahaha. Ya'll down, "a supporter composed.

Both CleSportsTalk and a guest from Medina referenced this when the two of them called into 92.3 The Fan. Astounding sources are inadvertent fans!" fan added, one.

One ally proceeded, "We should credit it to everybody just abhorring Cleveland, haha. "While Odell is as yet chasing after his 2022 group, Baker is currently in Carolina.

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