NFL World React Surprising BelichickBill

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, wed in secret on Friday night in New York.

On Friday night in Manhattan, Kraft, the longtime owner of the Patriots, wed his lover, Dr Dana Blumberg.

Numerous NFL celebrities, including Randy Moss, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft, were present.

Unexpectedly, or not, depending on how you feel about him, Bill Belichick was not present.

The Patriots' head coach probably didn't want to leave the team because they have a game this weekend.

Brady, 45, abandoned the Buccaneers and skipped team events in order to attend the owner's wedding.

I find it really difficult to comprehend why Belichick's absence from Kraft's wedding yesterday is such a big deal.

I don't understand why it's a talking point as it has no bearing on the Patriots fan added, one.

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