NFL offer prayers for
Browns star family

Myles Garrett, a whiz for the Cleveland Browns, evidently has a relative who is "seriously sick," as indicated by a case from Mary Kay Cabot, an individual from the group's staff.

Myles Garrett has been keeping an eye on a direct relation who is extremely unwell and whose condition has deteriorated while he away Before long he will be back on the field getting back to Cleveland

The Browns have been very quiet with him, and he is thankful for this "Data from Cabot.

Football players, mentors, and chiefs rushed to Twitter to communicate their sympathies to Garrett and his friends and family. An ally supplicated, "Petitions to you and fam tremendous dawg!"

Gracious I thought it was somebody in the family. Sending my all best to Myles & his friends & family there was an additional one tossed in. One more added Supplications for Myles and his loved ones.

Garrett missed the present practice and will probably miss Sunday's preseason game. All-Pro pass rusher missed Browns' preseason opener.

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