NASA: Dinosaur-sized space rock headed towards Earth

The space rock will pass by on August 16, 2022 at 7.47 km/s, or 26,892 km/h, as per NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL). It's multiple times quicker than sound.

The space rock's separation from Earth is striking. NASA's CNEOS predicts space rock 2022 PW will pass Earth at 529,000 km. The Moon circles the Earth at 984,000 km.

2022 PW will be to some degree further from Earth than the Moon. On an infinite scale, it's actually close. 2022 space rock size?Not really awful.

NASA's CNEOS gauges 2022 PW's width at 51 meters. Brachiosaurus, a long-necked sauropod dinosaur, was 2.3 times more limited.

Space rocks are perhaps of the absolute most startling regular disaster that might happen since they can inflict any kind of damage and humanity has no decent security against them.

As per the Davidson Institute of Science, a space rock over 140 meters in width would release more energy than the main nuclear bomb on the off chance that it hit Earth.

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