Mike McCarthy Describes the Reasons for Last Night's Dismissal of a Veteran Cowboy

At the point when the Dallas Cowboys' preseason crusade started off, an issue from the past mission quickly returned.

The Cowboys got 17 punishments during Saturday's misfortune to the Denver Broncos, following a NFL-high 141. punishments in 2021 (remembering 14 for their season finisher misfortune).

McCarthy sidelined Dante Fowler due to one of them. At the point when the newly selected edge-rusher pushed a rival off a heap, it was decided that he committed an individual foul.

Denver had the option to score a score thus in the subsequent quarter.

As per the group site, McCarthy Informed journalists after the game, "That is a discipline punishment." "That is truly why Dante chose to tap out after that. That isn't satisfactory."

McCarthy endeavored to contain his mistake while recognizing that 17 punishments "clearly are far and away excessively."

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