Man on vacation wins $250,000 lottery

On a scratch-off lottery ticket he purchased on the way back from a family vacation, a man in Maryland claimed to have won $250,000.

Reisterstown resident aged58 explained to Maryland Lottery representatives that he & his wife were visiting the city for a holiday and had made the decision to stop at Acme #0293 on Coastal Highway.

After investing $10 in a $250,000 Gold Rush scratch-off ticket, he quickly learned that he had won the grand prize.

The tourist reported that he called his wife right away to let her know about the unexpected event. He commented on the event's intensity by saying, "This was too thrilling."

She needed to be awakened so I could tell her I had won. The winner of the Racetrax online horse race game received $10,000 in 2021.

With his recent windfall, the guy intends to assist his adult children and build his retirement savings.

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