Justin Verlander K's 11 to lead Astros

After winning 4-2, the Astros quickly ran out of praise for Justin Verlander's performance.

On Wednesday night, the American League Championship Series' opening game featured the New York Yankees.

The Astros clubhouse was filled with echoes of "first-ballot Hall of Famer" and "ace" after Verlander pitched six innings and struck out 11 batters while allowing only one earned run.

With the help of slugger Yordan Alvarez's three-run walk-off home run against Seattle, the Astros managed a comeback triumph.

Martin Maldonado, the catcher, was unsurprised that his ace rapidly got back to form when he was most needed.

With 17 strikeouts by and big, the Yankees tied for the second most in the postseason record for a 9-inning game.

Verlander history versus the Yankees in the 9season finisher has enhanced to 5-1 with a 2.62 Period.

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