Jill Biden gets booed by Philadelphia Eagles fans

Yesterday, Jill Biden made the choice to see the Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles supporters present had something to get off their chest, despite the fact that NFL fans undoubtedly wanted to start the Eagles vs. Cowboys discussion.

Biden is currently extremely unpopular, and people aren't afraid to express their disgust. Biden's approval rating has fallen as low as 37% as a result of high gas prices and inflation.

The Philadelphia Eagles' game versus the Dallas Cowboys was attended by Jill Biden and her daughter.

After seeing her on the jumbotron, the crowd let her have it when they stood. They started booing Mrs. Biden and shouting "F Joe Biden" at the same time.

As a result, Twitter started to trend about the event. Pennsylvania had a significant role in Joe Biden's election triumph. More specifically, Philadelphia gave him the boost he needed to win.

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