Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck Review Claims stealing lyrics Incarcerated Man's poem

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Are auditing claims made by a detained man, who blamed the couple for taking verses from his sonnet.

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Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck are investigating most recent allegation over their music.

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The Couple has been called out for stealing the lyrics from an incarcerated man's poem. 

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According to Rolling Stones, creator Slim Wilson guarantees that Depp and Beck's tune 

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"Miserable Motherf- - - in' Parade" incorporates verses from his sonnet "Homeless person Ben."

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We are assessing the request connecting with the melody Sad Motherfuckin' 

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Parade on the 18 collection by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp.

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I've been distributing stuff for a very long time. 

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This is whenever anyone first has recently ripped something off and placed his own name on it."

Image Credit: The Economic Times

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