Fan takes legal action on Nick Kyrgios

A fan who claimed to have been "drunk out of her mind" while watching the Wimbledon finals filed a complaint against Nick Kyrgios.

At this year's Wimbledon championship The woman Nick Kyrgios accused of drinking "700 beers" in early July

She has declared that she is suing the Australian tennis player for defamation after becoming "drunk out of her mind."

Kyrgios was accused of creating the charge by Anna Palus, who described it as "reckless and completely unjustified."

and said in a letter sent by her lawyers to CNN on Tuesday that it caused her and her family "great pain and sadness"

Only the necessity for redress and the intention to prevent the claim from being repeated serve as grounds for taking legal action. Any compensation for damages will be donated to a worthy charity.

She expressed her hope that Mr. Kyrgios will consider the suffering he has caused her and her family and find a speedy resolution to the problem.

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