The PGA Tour referee explained Cameron Smith's third-round penalty.

After hitting a ball from the wrong location on the fourth opening during his third round, Cameron Smith was given two shots on Sunday. Gary Young, the Chief Referee for the PGA Tour.

till 11 a.m. (GMT) today by informing Smith of the violation. Journalists were informed by Youthful that "the prior live transmission showed it.

He said, "Players do it frequently. The second look was necessary because the rebroadcast was close. After closer inspection, we assumed it was contacting the line. Query the participant.

I assumed I could essentially ask Cam, as extended as he could see with his own eyes if his ball was inside or outside the penalty section.

Smith allegedly signed a $100+ million agreement with LIV Golf, which is backed by Saudi Arabia. The 28-year-old is prepared to pick up the pace after dropping a potentially crucial clue on Thursday.

I told him that we would apply the two-stroke penalty to his fourth opening in Round 3 after he had just accepted it. He left the office without incident and is starting his day.

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