A Son Remembers Butch Lindley's Tragic Death in NASCAR

Butch Lindley was engaged with a hustling mishap in Bradenton, Florida, and supported a head injury.

He spent the following five years and two months in a state of extreme lethargy prior to dying from pneumonia on June 6, 1990.Lindley came out on top for the NASCAR Late Models title two times.

Child Mardy later formed into a skilled racer and top-level NASCAR team boss.

At the point when Mardy Lindley replied, the telephone in his Greenville, South Carolina home late on April 13, 1985, he was 12 years of age.

From Bradenton, Florida, where Butch Lindley, Mardy's dad, had taken part in a late model race that night, a committed family companion called. He mentioned that Mardy call his grandmother.

The remainder of the Lindley family would rapidly discover that the news was bad.

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